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Server & Network Administrator
Key responsibilities:
  • Support IT infrastructure elements based on Microsoft Windows Platform and technologies, i.e. AD, core services ( DNS, DHCP, etc)
  • Application- and Fileservers installation, management and update. Regular server software update: operating system security patches and anti-virus software update.
  • Participate in IT infrastructure update and development and in defining the architecture of IT infrastructure
  • Computer and communication systems development based on projects information. Consultations on hardware and software purchase.
  • Maintain as a System Administrator some basic user-front services, such as WTS, network printing service, shared Business Applications etc.
  • Document supported IT systems and services
  • Participate in day-to-day 2nd and 3rd level users support as System Administrator
  • Access rights management for files and applications located on the servers. Regular data backup
  • Assistance in corporate servers support and troubleshooting. Reception and assistance in setup of specialized server updates
  • Know and implement company’s IT standards, policies and procedures, including information security area, know and follow best industry practice
  • Work on projects in cooperation with the department specialists
  • Educate\train users in the areas he\she is responsible for
  • To keep up-to-date with new developments in IT area
Candidate requirements:
  • Higher education (degree in Computer science, engineering or information systems)
  • Five (5) years overall Information Technology experience including a minimum three (3) years system/security administration experience in Window operating system environment and major network equipment such as firewalls, Cisco routers and switches (Microsoft Windows NT/2000/2003, AD/LDAP, MS Exchange 2000/2003, IIS, SMTP/POP/IMAP, Symantec Antivirus solutions, WTS and Citrix applications)
  • Experience in server room operations, backup and recovery, server monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Strong knowledge of TCP/IP networking protocol, DNS, DHCP, MTP/POP/IMAP/LDAP, etc.
  • Strong knowledge of INTEL based servers, and associated automation tools.
  • Strong troubleshooting and problem resolution skills
  • The ability to work on a variety of tasks in parallel, strong written and verbal communication and teaming skills, strong demonstrated troubleshooting skills, and ability and willingness to identify and implement innovative solutions to problems will be vital for success in this position
  • Ability to convince and set priorities to the benefit of the business
  • Team player- Cooperative - Flexible
  • Good communicator at all levels

Компания - один из лидеров международного рынка здравоохранения.
Подчинение ИТ менеджеру иностранцу! Возраст кандидата - около 30 лет.
Хороший опыт работы с серверами - передают участок (ведущий сисадмин).
В ближайщем будущем - зам ИТ менеджера. Отдел - 12 человек.
З/п до 100т.р.

IT Coordinator
Coordination and supervision of IT Department:
  • To cooperate with European and Central IT teams on Front & Back Office areas
  • To supervise local IT staff or external 3rd party IT support
  • To verify that standards and European IT projects are accomplished
  • To coordinate store opening/relocation/closing (for IT area only)
  • To verify correct management of Security policies & Privacy law enforcement
  • To propose, define and manage plans to regularly update/upgrade software and hardware in all locations of managed countries
  • To help coordinating IT operations during special events (VAP sales, promotions..)   
  • To regularly visit stores, warehouses and storage locations to verify installed physical hardware & software and keep an updated IT inventory
  • To monitor expenses and to propose actions to keep them in line with the IT budget
  • To authorise and monitor IT purchases
  • To manage contracts with external suppliers (for IT area only)
  • To verify and update Service Level Agreements (SLA) within 3rd parties managed
  • To coordinate usage of external suppliers (for IT area only)
  • To deploy new projects and developments based on local country needs under the Central IT team and the European IT Manager approvals
  • To work on specific technical projects to be defined by European IT Manager upon the country(s) of competency
  • Experienced and fully qualified in IT area (approx. 3-4 years experience)
  • Good knowledge in local Retail systems
  • Knowledge on RMS and/or RPRO is a plus
  • Experienced in MS O.S. systems – MS applications packages – Lotus Notes – Networking – Communications (telephones, PBX, VoIP is a plus)
  • AS400 knowledge is a plus
  • Managerial skills
  • Leadership
  • Focused on objectives and mid-long term results
  • Frequent traveller
  • Personal communication skills
  • English speaking is mandatory, French is not mandatory but welcome
Main Responsibilities:      
  • To support and deploy European & Central Front/Back office requests and needs
  • To manage IT functions
  • To manage supplier contracts for IT
  • To deploy new projects and developments for IT

Деят-ть компании - предметы роскоши. В офисе ок.20 чел, компания быстро развивается. 
Кандидат - энергичный, инициативный.
Работа с зарубежными коллегами - хороший английский.
Координация субподрядчиков в офисе и магазинах.
З/п до 100 т.р.

Infrastructure Specialist
Job Summary and Purpose:
Supports basic and core Microsoft applications on Server’s and User’s side. Provides basic support for PC users.
Principal accountabilities:
  • Provide set up and administration of PCs.
  • Provide first-line support for Microsoft Office and core Windows applications.
  • As a Group IT Team member, has responsibility over Group projects implementation.
  • Regularly monitor server’s performance and status, and assist in problems resolution.
  • Perform regular backup and antiviral check on LAN servers according to the Company Policy.
  • Support and advise PC users in Microsoft applications, backing up important data, making antiviral checks of PC content.
  • Prepare and test backup/recovery systems and policies including Disaster Recovery Plans for the infrastructure environment.
  • Report all local IT activities to IT Manager and provide regular status reports as requested. Transfer local IT issues/queries to appropriate Group IT team member.
  • Perform all necessary tasks to provide proper functionality of Central Office and Boutiques.
  • Ensure proper functionality of basic applications such as Microsoft Office in all Locations.
  • Regularly review needs for IT equipment and software based on current and future business requirements.
  • Provide backup of IT Team members during their absence.
  • Be aware of IT Policy, popularise IT culture and IT Policy among Company employees to increase their work efficiency.
  • Conform to all managerial instructions and directions.
  • Observe Company workday limitations, labour discipline and internal regulations.

Деять-ть компании - предметы роскоши. Подчинение ИТ менеджеру (3 человека в отделе).
170 чел (60 в офисе + 10 бутиков). Английский на хорошем уровне.
Высшее образование в ИТ, сертицикация Microsoft.
Кандидат - от 25 лет, опыт от 3 лет. Человек команды, доброжелательный, терпеливый.
З/п до 60 т.р.

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  • вакансии в маркетинге, телеком, Москва, от 70 000
  • my D’s
  • почти 2хмесячный тур Москва - Кемерово - Питер - Москва
  • Английский пациент / The English Patient
  • Доверительные отношения между доменами и firewall

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