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Almost all stories in our life have their ending, sometimes good, sometimes bad, but I sincerely hope that mine story will last forever..
You never know what can happen after some random things that were made in your life, that’s why life is so weird and interesting, so sad and nice, so hard and easy as well.
Your story can be started with any small detail, with a sunshine, blinking or smile. My story had its start in September and now it grows with more curious details, emotions and funny moments.
There can be millions of people in the world and only one that you are comfortable with. I think that I found that one. Enough weird, strange looking alien, with nice Spanish - Singaporean eyes.
Cold wind with small snowflakes met us in Kyiv Borispol airport on the midnight from 20 to 21 of January. White snowflakes were flying all around and I think that they wanted to greet my friend and other passengers that came to frozen Ukrainian capital that night.
Spending time in cold Ukraine during the winter holidays is normal for Ukrainians but maybe for hot Spanish people it’s a little bit harder, but my guest was brave and answered “нет” almost to all my questions ¨холодно, Норман?¨.

7 days went fast, I tried to summarize all cool things that are possible to find in Kyiv during winter and hope that it was not bad. We have seen all famous places, drunk a lot of tea and made homemade cookies. And now somebody can proudly count till 10 in Russian.

After cold Kyiv we went to Lviv where nice Veronica made us full day excursion with a little pub crawling.

I still hope that some videos will never appear in internet. Lviv - ancient city with perfect places, small cafes and series of thematical restaurants, the city where so easy to fall in love and also easy almost to be late to your bus. Same happened that time with us, buying tickets and jumping into bus 5 min before departing, it was quite extreme but now we have lots of things to tell .. Sometimes buses are nice, sometimes ok, but that one was terrible. But more terrible was weather in Krakow at 6am, so we were like 2 terrorists in scarf’s and heads so only 2 eyes could be visible.

Krakow – nice city with tasty zapekankas. After some hours it become less cold and we enjoyed walking through streets and markets, saw big river and I think that I continued improving of understanding polish language.
Direct flight from Katowice airport to Barcelona was full of Spanish people with skies, as far I understand Spanish people like snow and skiing, but in Spain it’s kind hard to find places (you know, palms are everywhere) so they go to Poland for catching some snowflakes. Come on, people, come to Ukraine!!
Warm air and night lights greeted us in Barcelona. Almost died after 2 days of sleeping in weird places we felt asleep immediately. Next 4 days I had real cultural exchange while living in Spanish family; I really enjoyed it and found lot things that are different from our cultures. And Spanish people don’t drink as much tea as Ukrainians, moreover with lemon. So nice was to see mandarin’s trees in the streets, and hard to understand why nobody is trying to pick some of them.
I’ve just imagined that if we had such tree’s in Kyiv how long mandarin’s will be on it. 2 hours?

After spending time in Spanish family I highly understood the importance of learning languages, it was not funny to understand nothing. So, next time I will try to communicate and of course I will try to understand secret gossips ;)
Being 2nd time in Barcelona was not boring but excited for me, I saw a lot cool new places, and also there are some left.

Barcelona is so picturesque and nice, if I can I would like to make a picture with each single palms tree and fountain and castle.

After looking down from high Montserrat mountain you can have some flying feeling and to observe beautiful landscapes that are everywhere around.

Then BEST CE started. I hope that catalan people liked us and they will come to visit us in July. From our side we tried to do everything that was possible, to be a good participants, and even not to be late (well, with a last sometimes we had problems).

We have seen all main parts of Barcelona, enjoyed walking on la Rambla, tried to remember names of Gaudi buildings, to participate in all “get to die” parties, and to learn new catalan phrases…

Still want to know the meaning of “A veihos..a tranko..” people tell meeee!!!!
Want to say a big thanks for everyone that made that CE, I like it a lot!!!!
It’s always hard to say bye-bye and go back to reality after so nice time.

Thanks God that we decided to go home through Venice, it was perfect to spend 2 more days in country that I have never been in. Family that hosted us was super nice and we will always remember that. I think that I have never eaten so tasty sea products and drank so much tasty white wine.

Venice is a little weird city, perfect for couples and for souvenirs addicts to visit it, yeah souvenirs are everywhere and also pizzas and Italian coffee (yes, that 5ml of coffee)) We took a water railway and saw part of Venice from a boat, so nice..

Also can’t skip a part when we were lost and got drunk with only 1 bottle of Italian beer.
Now, time for new adventures..but at home. Traveling is good but always nice to come back and understand who you are and where are you from.
With love,

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