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 По истории задали написать письмо из Вьетнама. Как если бы мы были солдатами. Очень удручающее занятие... Я писала маме, вот, если хотите, почитайте, я думала, вам инетерсно будет... перевесть, правда, придеццо :Р

Dear Mom,

I’m writing now while I have some time. It gets on my nerves how unexpected our schedule is – it’s quiet for some time, and then all those wounded people appear again. There’s so many of them – bleeding, wheezing. We don’t have enough beds, we have to put five or six people in one. There are ones that we can not save. I have to write this now because something happened after yesterday’s attack. It was horrible, we don’t have enough medics here, it’s just ridiculous how many of suffering people I’ve seen here already. It was my night relay yesterday, and at the evening I was already tired. That boy died on my hands. He was about seventeen… dark hair, blue eyes, his rib cage smashed…. I understand that I couldn’t do anything, I’m not all-powerful, but I can’t stop blaming myself. There was this ultimate fear in his eyes. That look, insane, begging, piercing… I will NEVER forget. And this question in it. Why? I volunteered because I couldn’t do anything to stop the war. I can at least do what I do here, I think it’s just obvious that every girl should have come. If we don’t give up, there’s maybe a chance that less boys will die. And we are all here by the will of that God-damned murderer. We are here, on the other side of the world where we have no business, and there’s something else. I won’t stop feeling like we are killing their brothers – brothers of those who we are supposed to protect. This country doesn’t like us, it feels like the nature itself is against us, the jungle just freaks me out, it’s like God is angry at us. I can feel this hatred, Mom. This war is a crime against everything that is holy to the civilization, and it is completely our fault. God, you can’t imagine how much I’ve been thinking lately: “Why isn’t there any Monroe Doctrine that forbids US to intervene?” It’s crazy when you think – some people just started it by their own will, sitting in their cabinet. Sitting in their cabinet, they decided to start the war. This war. This war, where every day we bury seventeen-year-olds. Like yesterday. They blame guys in college as “escapists”. If I was a guy, I wouldn’t go here either. I just… I just hope that we can save somebody, that all this is worth something, and one day, maybe, somebody will return home alive, because we saved him. That’s what I want Americans to realize. All we do is obeying the order. Oh my God, it’s so ridiculous, like the war starts with the military. The war starts with two fat old dudes who want to show each other who’s cooler. But unlike regular people who would get in fight by themselves, they send kids of their country to the front lines. I can describe the main idea of the war. Death. That’s it. In three months here I’ve seen as much dead people as I’ve seen alive people in my whole life. And this horrible smell everywhere. Burned flesh and blood. I just can’t get rid of it. Either one or another is always there, I think I’m just going crazy. The life is divided in two parts – I cry and feel sorry for myself in one part, and I hate myself in another one. I feel like I’m seventy instead of twenty. I’ve written all this already, but there’s not really much to say. People just die here under order of the person who gets up at eight and drinks coffee from the porcelain cup every morning. What can I say. He will burn in hell for this.

I’m sorry that I write all this to you, I don’t want to make you sad. I just always feel privileged when I talk to you. It makes me feel like I’m little again. I’m so happy that I have this possibility to write to you somehow. It keeps me sane, I guess. In this underworld you get to understand love so much clearer. I hope you’re fine. I know I can’t help it, but I beg you – don’t worry about me too much. Take care of yourself. Soon it will all be over, I’ll come home and we’ll be happy again. And remember – no matter what, I’ll love you forever.


Your Ellie.



З.Ы.: Завтра с утра позвоню. Ляля


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