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someone posted this in my formspring, i thought i’d share it with all of you:

questions/comments?: okay so you are 19 or 20 right? i’m 20 and you have to agree with me on this… there is seriously something wrong with everyone (well about 99.5% of them to be fair) born in and after 1991. teens these days are so fucked up and tumblr is a prime example of this. all of these lame ass kids reblogging things like “reblog if you’d rather be on tumblr all the time instead of dealing with reality and making irl friends :D”. it just makes me sick and want to stab them in their vital organs until they wake up. it seems like everyone in high school these days would rather be checking facebook updates instead of actually going and hanging out with their friends. i’m just glad when i was in high school the only major website was myspace and then in grade 12 came facebook popularity which was fine. i’m also happy that when i look back on my high school memories, none of them involve me sitting on my ass trying to gain attention on a blog site, sitting on my ass on!
my computer instead of having a social life, checking facebook every hour or trying desperately to fit in with everyone else to feel cool. my friends and i just did what we wanted, we listened to bright eyes and animal collective and didn’t give a fuck about what was cool or mainstream. we were friends with the abercrombie & fitch wearing jocks and skateboarding punks as well. everyone just seemed more genuine back then. but now everyone seems a lot more stupid/artificial and are constantly looking for the next trend to follow. it just makes me sick and i’ve lost all faith in society. just from seeing all this douchbagery, i sincerely do not want to have kids later in life anymore. the world is overpopulated as it is and despite what the tv tells us, i think i can live a fulfilling and meaningful life without having children. life is short and i don’t want to waste it changing diapers or providing for little bastard moochers that need the latest ipod. i’m sorry for making ! you read all this (if you bothered to) but i was just laying awake in bed and thought i’d rant to someone. i don’t expect you to respond or reply to this due to the length of my rant. anyways have yourself a good day. -c.f.

YOU DIRTY FUCKING HIPSTER,shut the fuck up, you know nothing about us

don’t generalize, it ain’t so nice. "

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