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Nick Bollettieri, microphone in hand, is just dominating.



He's on the American Express Radio set outside Louis Armstrong Stadium breaking down the U.S. Open with announcer Tim Ryan and the Bryan brothers, Bob and Mike. Ryan and the Bryans are largely spectators.



Bollettieri is 77 years old, but he never stops moving. One minute, he's surrounded by adoring fans, another he is watching 18-year-old Japanese protégé Kei Nishikori sprinting through the men's draw. Somehow, even with all the matches he attends, the sponsors' parties and interviews, he manages to find time to write a blog for various outlets.



Yes, as always, Bollettieri's fingerprints are all over tennis.



It's a soaring, sublime day at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center and Bollettieri, slight but spry and supernaturally tanned, leans into his listener's chest, emphasizes points with touches all over the place and, well, he's deep into his favorite subject -- Nick Bollettieri, of course.



"There was a marvelous online piece on me [one-hand arm tap] in the Wall Street Journal," he says. "I was just [chest poke] overwhelmed. It was just an unbelievable description [two-hand arm touch] of Nick."



This sort of third-person stuff feeds the pervasive view of Bollettieri as a shameless shill, a wizard of self-promotion. But as usual, there is substance beneath the scattershot style.



The Wall Street Journal called Bollettieri arguably "the most prolific tennis coach in the history of the game." That's not bad, but it stresses quantity over quality. The pundits might also consider calling him the most successful and broadly influential tennis coach. Ever.



"Right," said Jim Courier, one of his many students. "Anyone who doesn't think so doesn't know the game. If he doesn't get into the Hall of Fame soon, it's a joke.



"Clive Davis is to music as Nick Bollettieri is to tennis. Clive has an ear for talent -- whether it's Aretha Franklin, Steve Wonder or Mariah Carey. Nick has [made] more tennis players than anyone."



When Jelena Jankovic briefly became the world's No. 1-ranked player this summer, Bollettieri reached an almost unfathomable milestone. The Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy, the first tennis factory and still state-of-the-art, has now helped 10 players reach the No. 1 ranking. Courier is one of them. Moreover, three women who reached the quarterfinals at the Open -- both Williams sisters and Jankovic -- have spent time under Bollettieri.



"I'll tell you if you and I walked from one end of the [Flushing Meadows] property to the other, I'll get stuck 25 times," Bollettieri said. "That, to me, is off the wall. To have children and adults, too, stop me and say 'I was at your camp.' That to me, that's the payoff right there.



"Am I surprised about all the champions over the years? To tell you the truth I never kept track of them until I got to nine and someone told me."



Bollettieri paused.



"S---," he said, "I'm lucky."



The list of great tennis coaches -- they're essentially teachers -- is a short one. Most would include Bollettieri, along with Robert Lansdorp (Pete Sampras, Tracy Austin, Lindsay Davenport, Maria Sharapova) and Bob Brett (Boris Becker, Goran Ivanisevic).



Peter Bodo, a Tennis Magazine writer and frequent ESPN.com contributor, doesn't see Bollettieri as merely a coach, but someone who made coaching happen.



"He's used to be regarded as suspicious, you know, a former lifeguard who was just working on his tan," Bodo said. "I think the world of Nick, but so many people thought he was a huckster. He created something at that academy that created a baseline for greatness, a modern template for an approach to coaching."

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