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Nox of Northers

Endless NIGHT without a dawn…
Nox is all around this land.
Fire died for good AEON,
…but the dark she'll stand.

Misty ravines, now hidden under the ice…
Will you ever be, Sunrise?
Thus far we come for loves to splice.
That praises up the skies…

"Through my beaver of frore
I see the girl which trampled my ices before.
Will hers is so strong
That she stays unafraid rimelands among."

See Northern Lights instead Sun or Moon.
Aurora Polaris, thou bringest the new ices soon.
Seven human's tears they have carried typhoon.
Light of emotion is written in the rune…

The heart of lifeless runs still alive…
Though enchained by gyve…

Masterpiece of eternity
Snick us and snee
Our Heat is the Key
To run free!

Hands roll dice
Hearts melt ice


Lightswift Days

Afore the nightfall welkin fulminates.
The sortilege of nature lay'th thee down.
And see'st thou not the flame nor shades,
Those which come but to pilfer gown.

The sun's to flare, tho' it is to downsink
Under horizon's deepest lonely grounds.
When thou shalt see the vermilion tinct
Enfeather'd cloudy, Sol's to lose its downs.

Thou feel'st the windy lonesome breeze
Remembering the old days that're in past
And sigh'st thou; 'cause thy days won't freeze.
They shall run 'way and time it comes so fast.

Cognize, we are all dust in gust of wind.
We struggle more and youth's fay dies in us.
Superlunary well-hid, or blind, or unkind -
Time chew'th all the kismets and fates, thus,

When practice we in holies, lecheries,
Everything's vain, thou see'st, just realize:
The human is unopened mystery
And 'tis that cruel, brute but deeply wise…

Time wastes our bleak, yet livid, looks.
In spite of everything time's but a waste.
In anguish we both cry, though as the crux
We understand that fatal end'll be faced…

That makes me feel like lee from time be ours,
Like disappear in moment to appear…
Forever be entwined meek souls of ours
And let be in yon hearts no ugly fear.

Well-nigh perpetual, fay in thy eyes
Betides me fully; I smile and breathe afree
Since future tells us no felonish lies
In each way freed, both we will run, break free.

Darksilver be the wings of Luna mine,
Enflamed by grace - these eyes become thine,
And so, thou run'st westwards, becoming fire
And I float higher with my lunar lyre…

To pitch-black sky whence freedom gets no cost -
Mock slayer-time, both we shall be utmost!


Light is bright; fights my sight.
Struggle eats my very might.
When I'm staring at the sun
Tears from eyes they fall arun…
Why must be this world that cruel?
Fool! For him 'tis cruel who's fool!
Why? Because ambitions fall
Of self-cheating; lies in all…
Do not let those deceive thee!
Just be just and proud be!

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