Социальные сети

This is the Transformational Youth Leadership Training Program 
organized by the World Alliance of YMCAs in Changmai, Thailand. 
A part of the program is devoted to boilding connections between communities.
To implement this task we are staying with the local Thai families for two days. 

Now is 9 15 p.m. in Cabgnai, my friend Neyiga Suckarecn is a student at the Changmai University 
and at the moment she is studying the Japanese language for her exams tomorrow. 
I have met Neyiga just two days ago at the YMCA hostel in Changmai and in the evening she invited me to her home. It happened to be a nice village style house with a terrace in front of it. The whole family was there to meet us - Neyigas parents, her uncle with the wife, her grandmother and three little kids. We said "sawaddeeka" to each other and shared food together. 

We had beautifully dressed Thai dishes prepared by Nayigas uncle. The small hearts made out of boiled carrot were so touching! Two friendly dogs called Pepsi and Pizza  joint the meeting ceremony and the only thing I was really worried about was whether one of them would like to chew my shoes to show his love or hopefully not. In the evening Neyiga brought me some simple rules about "do and don't in Thai house" so the next thing that made me busy was the answer to the question: "What is the reason for not touching the head of Thai people?". Neyiga and her family are Buddhists so I expected to learn more about this religion. The family had the small house with very colorful little sculptures in the living room to glorify the spirit of this house and to pray. The belief in spirits like that  was explained by Hindu influences in Thailand. By the way, I were allowed to break the rule and touch the children's heads in the house as they were younger then me and in this case family did not mind. The respect to the age (samai) is ab inportant part of Thai culture. In Ukraine I have been told that the lifestyle of the Thai person should include such principles as Sabai, Suai and Sanuk (comfortale, beautiful. happy) and I was very pkeased to experiance it living in the Nryigas family.  
Neyigas uncle and hid wife work at the local government. they came to dinner in the black clothes to show their support to the royal family in Thailand. The sister of the King Rama IX has passed and all civil servants are wearing black at their work to show respect and solidarity. I was told that the royal family plays very important traditional role for Thai people and we were watching them on TV that evening.  
Instead of saying farewell the Thai family invited me to come again and to stay with them  It is very lively and reach experiance that I would never forget! Khopkhunka!

Вам это будет интересно!

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