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 The story under analysis is called “Overload”. In the beginning I would like to share with you the way I feel about the text. I’d say it’s basically positive. This piece to my mind may be considered complete in terms of ideas expressed and the ways of presenting the characters. The basic theme of this story is that of environment, its problems and protection as well as conflict which always exists between people protecting environment and those who harm it.
The mood the story creates is not very positive and by the end it becomes even a bit sad.
Composition-wise the story goes traditional and its plot is very simple containing a few events. The narration goes in the third person.
Here in the story we have just two characters, one of which is called Nim Goldman and he is a vice president of the corporation providing the American state of California with power, light and heat. The other one is his friend, Laura Bo Carmichael by name, who at the same time is a head of an organization engaged in environmental protection.
The scene is laid in a restaurant where the two meet at Nim’s suggestion. The point is that the corporation proposes to build three new geothermal plants, and the Square Club, Luara’s organization, tries to thwart this project as it will damage some very rare kind of flowers and one of animals. Despite their personal friendship Nim and Laura can’t find any compromise and part coldly.
We don’t know who the winner of this conflict is and whether the location of the plant will be forbidden or not. We only know that none of the parties is going to give in having convincing arguments on its side. But in this particular situation Nim’s arguments look more persuasive as he talks about massive unemployment, daily blackouts and other things which will take place if the plants aren’t built. And Laura speaks about the problem in general, in an abstract enough and eloquent way trying to touch people’s high feelings and talking about America as a filthy concrete wasteland and sparkling rivers turned into stinking sewers.
I can suppose that the author’s sympathy here is on Laura’s side but at the same time what he wants to tell us is that there are no absolutely right or absolutely wrong positions and opinions in conflicts, and the only solution is to find a compromise.

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