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I haven't written here for a long time. I really miss livejornal, being a small naive girl, dreaming and writing about it, describing every detail of my day not just to a friend, but to myself, thinking and writing everything I feel. So few words in English:

1) Academics: I am back to the best univesity in the world! # 30 in the world, #2 in Canada and # 12 for social sciences in the world. My French teacher is from France( she is wonderful). My Russian teacher is from Chech republic (and he is awesome). My Economics teacher is from England (and he is handsome& engineering major). My Political Science is from North America ( and he is very goood). and I just dropped WorldHistory because ....its boring and not required to do it now

2) Atmosphere: is amazing. I live in MARINE DRIVE! The residence of 3000 sng. On the 1st floor (yeah guys on that bench we can see you...) ANd I have the most amazing roommates ever. Firstly Liz who is the best person I know. Having fun coming to room any time ..talking...partying. Studying together and going to the gym. Angela- wakind up and leaving for classes in the same time, cooking pankakes and teaching me how to eat a banana hahah. Elisa- just super cool girl I know from the last year who suddenly turned to be my roommate. l just can descirbe how much fun I am having talking to her. Days: from sunny to rainy...I always feel like I wonna go to that place...my favorite place in the world. I remeber how he showed me it for the first time last year. Since that I always come back there...just to sit and think. From there I can see the world and I can feel myself.
Yeah+ 6th seson of How I met your mother started + frat music works again (wohooo)

3) What else?
Friends; trying to keep in touch, Olya is okey, but veyr busy with studying
Matt,and others talking a lil bit
He...thx fro cooking me super awesome dinner for some reason. Yeah hope you're having fun with physics.
And guess who is living next door???fml I wish he would at least stop telling my girls that he is an "angel now" . GUess who is my classmate in russian? Ok ...anyone remembers that guy I fell in love 3 years agoo when I cam to Vanc for 1month? So yeah his best friend's girlfriend is in the same clas with me fml. SHould I remind of Leba who lives 2 minutes away form me in Kiev? Or my friend here Genya who is classmates with my classmate? And the first reason I took history when I met guy who practiced russian in Ukraine and whose father actually teaches that History.
It's a REALLY small world after all...and my last year's policy is still effective. But I was a really good girl this year so should be fine.

Emphasizing again: ACADEMICS is #1 now!!!
Yep, should probably going finally studying french negotiation. I am becoming a different person every second , but I am still the same di_nat inside and everyone whom I met in this life are still some part of me...

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