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Human Rights Watch welcomes the initiative of the EU and the German presidency to embark upon a Central Asia strategy, following years of neglect of this important region by the EU.

A central thrust of this strategy should be securing greater compliance by the governments of Central Asian countries with their international human rights obligations. Currently, it is not. This paper explains why the strategy needs to incorporate human rights through identifying specific human rights concerns and benchmarks for progress. It also provides a brief summary of human rights concerns in several Central Asian countries and suggests key actions and benchmarks to address them.

Action required of the Uzbek government/ benchmarks for measuring progress:

Create space for civil society, which is essential if there is to be accountable government, but also necessary if the NGO assistance the EU proposes is to be meaningful. This requires: the release of imprisoned human rights defenders, registration of NGOs and independent media outlets, and demonstrable evidence that the government allows them to function without undue hindrance over a sustained period of time. This is particularly important in view of the forthcoming 2007 presidential election;

Ensure justice and accountability for the Andijan massacre, which requires a genuine independent international inquiry and EU access to/information about priority Andijan detainees, as set out in the November 2005 GAERC conclusions;

Decriminalize certain kinds of religious activity and release people convicted exclusively on religion-related charges;

Commit to eradicating torture, which requires implementation of recommendations made by the UN Special Rapporteur on torture and cooperation with other UN special mechanisms, including granting of access to those who have requested invitations to visit the country.

Kyrgyzstan: The current Kyrgyz government came to power on the promise of reform but has failed to articulate or prioritize a human rights policy. Its uneven statements and actions in the past two years regarding NGOs give rise to concerns about future attempts to unduly regulate or interfere with civil society. The government has little capacity, coherence, or will to undertake significant human rights reforms.

The EU and OSCE have devoted significant resources to a police reform program; while the current phase of this program includes training on human rights, the pervasiveness of torture and ill-treatment of detainees and other rights violations in the Kyrgyz criminal justice system warrants expanding the emphasis on human rights in this program as well as more EU political engagement on this issue.

Violence against women in the form of domestic violence and kidnapping of women and girls for forced marriage is on the rise, with no effective government response. This results in human rights violations that degrade the status of women in society and thereby set back social development.

The government has hosted hundreds of Uzbek refugees and asylum seekers, but is failing in its obligation to protect them and has been complicit in the forced return to Uzbekistan of at least nine refugees and asylum seekers; it is unclear what role it played in the disappearance and possible forced return of four additional asylum seekers.

Actions required of the Kyrgyz government/ benchmarks to measure progress:

Hold accountable those found to be guilty of ill-treating detainees, and invite the UN Special Rapporteur on torture to visit Kyrgyzstan with a view to developing a set of recommendations to end torture;

Demonstrate that it is strengthening the judiciary by, for example, implementing OSCE recommendations on the judiciary; implement OSCE recommendations on carrying out trials, including investigation of all allegations of torture;

Provide demonstrable evidence that it is enforcing its laws on domestic violence and kidnapping of women and girls for forced marriage;

Commit firmly to protecting remaining refugees and asylum seekers from forced return by, for example, holding accountable officials complicit in the forced return of refugees and asylum seekers and apply national refugee law equally to all asylum seekers.

In addition, the EU should increase programming assistance to nongovernmental groups that provide essential services to victims of violence against women.


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