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Within a few months after I came to the United States, I got a one time job as a computer technician at one of the office buildings in Sherman Oaks. While I was helping their tech team build a network, the forty years old technician told me the story of his life here in the United States. Dima came here seven years ago full of hopes and expectation. He thought that his hard earned degree would have meant something here and that he could get a good job immediately. The reality was quite different from what he imagined to be.

He discovered that people here different and that he would have to change his attitude in order to fit in with society better and to be successful. For most people over thirty years of age, who came to the United States form other countries like Russia, it is very hard to change their attitude and frame of mind. As a result they decide to form their own communities instead. Communities like Brighton Beach in New York or Little Armenia here in Los Angeles where they surround themselves in their native culture.Most of the people who chose to live that way do not even speak English and also do not want to learn. For those who just came to the United States, it is looks as a logical step to join these communities. They think that they don’t know English well enough to interact with locals or get a job. Usually people like that, regardless of age, get used by more successful fellow immigrants as a cheap labor. Dima did not want to live in that trap and decided to distance himself from a Russian-exclusive community. As a man that had
Bachelors degree in computer science, he thought that it wouldn’t be hard.

The majority of immigrants that come from former Soviet Union have some kind of university degree, Bachelors or Masters. They spend up to seven years of their lives to get that degree, often sacrificing their personal lives. When they finally arrived to the United States, they realize that their degrees mean nothing here and that they have to start over in their education. Most of the immigrants have to work two to three jobs in order to afford a collage education. On average, it takes five to six years to finish all curses in community college and university if one were to pursue a Bachelors degree. When Dima realized that education would take too long and he would not begin his career until it was almost time to retire and that he has to start to build his career right away.

Currently there are not very many employers who are interested in employing someone who will be older then forty years. Employers generally prefer to hiring young people with fresh ideas who will drive their business on to the next level. Dima realized that he would not be able to get a good job and start a career. So instead, he started small business as a technology consultant for several real-estate companies.

“I cannot achieve anything more than I already achieved,” he said to me. “I reach my limit here. And you, you have much better chances then me. You could get better education and job.” He did not seem happy when he was telling me this, almost as though he was jealous, and I understood why he felt that way.

Young immigrants have better chances to succeed then someone who came to the United States in their late thirties or early forties. When you are young, it is easier for you to accept a new culture and change your attitude to better fit the society. For younger people, it is easier to break language barrier. They seem to have better chances to get hired and start a career. They have time and energy to earn Bachelors or Masters degree and be successful.

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